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Sensei Taichi Hayashi,  owner and head instructor at Hayashi’s Martial Arts Academy.  ​​

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Hayashi's Martial Arts Academy

​"We Carry All The Top Brands"


Professor Tarow Ty
Hayashi established 
Hayashi's Martial Arts Academy in 1955. ​



whether you're INTERESTED in COMPETING, self-defense, or wanting to meet your physical goals? Hayashi's Martial Arts academy is the place for you and your whole famil​y!


Hayashi's Martial Arts Academy has been established in El Paso, Texas since 1955. Hayashi's has classes for men, women , and children of all ages. We offer classes for both competition training and self-defense. Our Children classes are high energetic, structured activities that teaches discipline and develops self-confidence. Hayashis Martial Arts Academy offerz a  complete training program.